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Inside Out


"I think I wear my soul inside out."


"My soul. It’s inside out."

"That’s…a strange thing to say."

"I have all the symptoms though."

"And what are the symptoms of this…disea-"

"It’s not a disease."

"All right. What are the symptoms, then?"

"I care too much about all the wrong things, I worry about odd things, my heart breaks too easily and my brain feels a little too asymmetrical to the things that are supposed to be fun."


"You know…parties and alcohol and…normal things. Like that."



"Nothing. What do you care too much about?"

"Everything. Global warming. The whales. Aliens. Israel. Sarajevo. The Ozone-"

"I get it. Everything that counts and you can do nothing about by yourself."

"You sound cynical."

"You sound paranoid."

"That’s mean."

"It’s just honest. What worries you?"

"The fact that you are too self involved to notice."

"Notice what?"

"If I disappear."


"It’s true."

"You idiot. Ofcourse I will notice if you disappear. I’d notice it a hell of a lot."


"Because then who would worry about global warming, and the whales, and the aliens and Israel and Sarajevo and- why are you smiling?"

"Because I figured something out about you."

"What’s that?"

"You wear your soul inside out too."

- Nikita Gill

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